Hello dear you!

How are you doing?

Winter is slowly passing by again. Days are getting longer, some crocuses are already popping up… oh how nice! I don’t know about you, but that always makes me a lot happier!

But I’m also curious! How are you? Did you survive the dark days okay? Do you have a nice holiday planned or are you going to enjoy carnival? Oh, really not my thing! (except for the dressing up part ;)), but apparently some of you are into it – I’d rather go abroad. 😉

I’m glad I took a break in December, and in January I’ve been hitting it hard again ;). Two weeks ago, we had another wonderful play party in our new bunker in Amsterdam!!

Furthermore, new events are scheduled for this year and there’s a job opening!

Read on..

⭐️ New Temples online! ⭐️

There are Sensual Play temples & Parties. 🧜🏼‍♀️

A Sensual Play Temple doesn’t have an extensive workshop but starts with a delightful potluck to get to know each other, followed by a detailed intro, and then freely playing within the temple setting.

March 16th is the first one in Driebergen.

Sensual Play Temple: Rope Magic. 💫

An intro into shibari, and then plenty of practice and play. Will you join?

✔️ April 13th, again in Driebergen.

Sensual Play Temple: Sacred Sexuality.

Yes, we’re diving back into the topic of inner union & outer union. 💗

✔️ June 23rd, in the bunker in Amsterdam! A sensual play party: Kinksterfest! 🙌 Whoo! This is going to be magical. We have the bunker in Amsterdam at our disposal again for a delightful kinksterfest. :))

For an easy overview of all events, check them out here on hipsy.


Or stay updated via our TELEGRAM channel specifically for the PLAYPARTIES. 🙂

TELEGRAM channel

Have a wonderful week. <3

Love & take care,Kim & team 🌹

Have a wonderful week. <3

Love & take care,

Kim & team 🌹